Matthias Agne: New group member

Matthias Agne, a second year Drexel undergraduate student majoring in Materials Engineering, has joined the MAX phase research group.


Why materials?

I chose materials engineering because I have always wanted to be involved in research and development and I see this discipline of engineering as one of the largest areas for expansion. Chemistry has always been an interest and one of my strong points, so materials seemed to be a good fit.

Why MAX phases?

After my freshman year and finally deciding on a materials major, the next logical step was to see if I was really going to like a research career, so I went on the materials website and looked into all of the professors’ research. I found Dr. Barsoum and read his paper on MAX phases and was captivated – we arranged to meet and the rest is history.

Research areas

The infiltration of magnesium and aluminum into the Ti2AlN seemed to be a good project to learn about MAX phases and lab operations, but I can see that there is much I can learn from every project going on and I look forward to participating regularly in the various research opportunities.


I play volleyball and baseball…
enjoy water skiing and boating…
and work on vehicles.

Welcome to the group, Matthias!

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