PhD student Babak Anasori won in two categories in the International Metallographic contest 2011! His artistic images “Cave,” which was microscopy performed on Michael Naguib’s work, and the famous “MAX Dragon” both won first place in their class. The winning images were showcased at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2011 Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

Winning images are:

First Place

Class 9: Artistic Microscopy – Black and White Only
Babak Anasori, Michael Naguib, Yury Gogotsi, Michel W. Barsoum

First Place

Class 11: Digital Microscopy Artistic
“MAX Dragon”
Babak Anasori, Michael W. Barsoum

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Babak Anasori’s “Cave,” winner
of Artistic Microscopy
Babak Anasori’s “MAX Dragon,” winner
of Digital Microscopy Artistic

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