Alumni of the MAX Phase Group

Alumni (with their current positions):

A copy of the thesis documents can be downloaded by clicking the hyperlink below each person’s name.

Cooper Voigt – M.S., 2018 – PhD Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

Wenzhen Wang – Visiting Scholar from Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

Michael Ghidiu – PhD, 2018
Thesis: Ions in MXene: Characterization and Control of Interlayer Cations and their Effects on Structure and Properties of 2D Transition Metal Carbides

Kinjal Valendra – M.S., 2017 – Lithography Process Engineer at GlobalFoundries

Arpita Das – M.S., 2017 – Project Manager at Horizon Controls Group

Dr.Guobing Ying – Visiting Scholar from Hohai University (China)

Di Zhao – Visiting Scholar from Hohai University (China)

Elisa Mayerberger – M.S., 2017

Pieralberto Collini – Visiting Scholar from Italy
Thesis: Electrophoretic Deposition of MXene films for functional applications

Dr.Joseph Halim – PhD, 2016 – Postoctoral Researcher at Linköping University (Sweden)
Thesis: An X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Multilayered Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes)

Mr.Grady Bentzel – M.S., 2016 – Advanced Engineer at Kulicke & Soffa

Matthias Agne – M.S., 2015 – PhD Student at Northwestern University
Thesis: The Stability of Ti2AlC and V2AlC with Al, and the Synthesis of Composites in the Al-Ti-B-C and Al-V-C systems

Dr.Chao Li Visiting Scholar – Assistant Professor at Liaoning University (China)

Dr.Justin Griggs – PhD, 2015
Thesis: Investigation of the Reversible Hysteresis Effect in Hexagonal Metal Single Crystals and the MAX Phases

Dr.Darin Tallman – PhD, 2015 – Research Investigator at The Chemours Company
Thesis: On the Potential of MAX Phases for Nuclear Applications

Dr.Mohamed ShammaPhD, 2015 – Visiting Researcher at San Diego State University
Thesis: On Buckling, Kink Boundaries and Kinking Nonlinear Elastic Solids

Dr.Chunfeng Hu – Visiting Scholar – Professor at Southwest Jiaotong University (China)

Dr.Babak Anasori – PhD, 2014 – Research Assistant Professor at Drexel Nanomaterials Institute (DNI)
Thesis: Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloy Composites Reinforced with TiC and Ti2AlC Particles

Matt Nelson – M.S., 2014
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Ti3SiC2/Mg and Cr2AlC/Mg Composites

Dr.Michael Naguib – PhD, 2014 – Assistant Professor at Tulane University
Thesis: MXenes A New Family of Two-dimensional Materials and its Application as Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries

Daniel Vryhoff – M.S. 2013
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Mo2GaC, Mo2GaN and Mo2AlC MAX Phases

Dr.Nina J. Lane – PhD, 2013 – Software Engineer at Intel Corp.
Thesis: Lattice Dynamical Studies of Select MAX Phases

Dr.Alex Moseson PhD, 2011 – Managing Director of Global Engineering Programs at Purdue University
Thesis: Spherical Nanoindentation: Insights and Improvements, Including Stress-Strain Curves and Effective Zero Point Determination

Ismail Albayrak – M.S., 2010 – Teacher & Researcher at Cumhuriyet University (Turkey)
Thesis: Mechanical Properties of Polycrystalline Ceramics by Nanoindentation Methods: Effect of Surface Roughness and Tip Size

Charles B. Spencer – M.S., 2010Cityear in Philadelphia
Thesis: Fiber-reinforced Ti3SiC2 and Ti2AlC MAX Phase Composites

Sean Anthony Miller – M.S. 2009
Thesis: Use of Diatomaceous Earth as Silecous Material in the Formation of Alkali Activated Fine-Aggregate Limestone Concrete

Dr.Shahram Amini – Ph.D. 2009 – Post Doc. University of California, Santa Barbara
Thesis: On the Effect of Texture on Kinking Non-Linear Elasticity of MAX Phases and MAX-reinforced Mg Matrix Composites

Dr.Aaron Sakulich – Ph.D. 2009 – Post Doc. University of Michigan
Thesis: Characterization of Environmentally-Friendly Alkali Activated Slag Cements and Ancient Building Materials

Dr. Theodore Scarbarozi Jr.PhD, 2009
Thesis: Combinatorial Investigation of Nanolaminate Ternary Carbide Thin Films

Dr.Aiguo Zhou – PhD, 2008 – Associate Professor at Henan Polytechnic University
Thesis: Kinking Nonlinear Elastic Solids: Theory and Experiments

Dr.Sandip Basu – PhD, 2008 – Rutgers University, New Jersey
Thesis: On Spherical Nanoindentation Stress-Strain Curves, Creep and Kinking Nonlinear Elasticity in Brittle Hexagonal Single Crystals

Dr.Syed Moniruzzaman – Post Doc.

Adam Procopio – Senior Principal Scientist at  Merck.

Dr.Miladin Radovic – Associate Professor at Texas A&M University
Thesis: Effect of Temperature and Microstructure on Tensile and Tensile Creep Properties of Ti3SiC2 in Air

Dr.Islam Salama – Technology Development Manager at Intel Corp.

Dr.Adrish Ganguly – PhD, 2006. Material Scientist at Schlumberger
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Solid Solutions of M(n+1)AXn Phases

Dr.Surojit Gupta – PhD, 2006 – Assistant Professor at University of North Dakota
Thesis: Tribology of MAX Phases and their Composites

Dr.Elizabeth Hoffman – PhD, 2006 – Scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL)
Thesis: Carbide Derived Carbon from MAX-phases and their Separation Applications

Dr.Peter Finkel – PhD, 2003 – Research Physicist at Naval Research Laboratory
Thesis: Low Temperature Elastic and Electronic Properties of MAX Phases

Dr.Anand Murugaiah – PhD, 2004 – Engineering Manager at Momentive Performance Materials
Thesis: Nanoindentations in Kinking Non-Linear Elastic Solids

Dr.Tiejun Zhen – PhD, 2004
Thesis: Compressive Behavior of Kinking Nonlinear Elastic Solids – Ti3SiC2, Graphite, Mica, and BN

Dr.Z. M. Sun Senior Research Scientist, AIST, Japan.

Linh H. Ho-Duc M.S. 2002
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of the Properties of Ti3SiC2/SiC and Ti3SiC2/TiC Composites

Dr.Tamer El- Raghy – PhD, 1997 – Head of Private Equity at Africa Agri and Food
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Ti3SiC2

Dr.Dmitri Brodkin – PhD, 1996 – Director of Technology at Ivoclar Vivadent
Thesis: Processing-Structure-Properties Relations in Titanium Carbide-Titanium Boride Composites Fabricated by Transient Plastic Phase Processing


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